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About jelkin

Jon Elkin, founder of New Internet Wealth, is a husband and father who enjoys all things online. Jon mostly focuses on email marketing, list building, product creation and affiliate marketing. Jon enjoys helping other people succeed, so please contact him if needed.

[FREE Training] How To Build A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page (or landing page) has one main purpose:  collect an email so you can stay in contact with people and market to them.   Most marketers will give away for free something of value (ebook, case study, Wordpress plugin, video report, etc.) in exchange for the person's email. There are lots of ways to make squeeze pages, but no matter what you will need some basic tools.  You will need a domain name, web hosting and an email autoresponder. You want to visualize sending people through a marketing funnel (imagine pouring liquid into a funnel and how the [...]

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“No Cost Affiliate Marketing” – My NEW Training!

I am very excited about my new step-by-step video training course called "No Cost Affiliate Marketing"! Why am I excited? Because this training will help people start making money online without any out-of-pocket costs on their part. I spend a lot of money when I started online marketing about 3 years ago.  I also spent a lot of time going from one money making method to the next, just trying to find something that works. I remember a lot of frustrations and a climbing credit card balance, without income to show for it. I did finally find a few successful [...]

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REVIEW: Profit Canvas

Today I am doing a review about a product that I have been anxiously waiting for:  Profit Canvas.  This product is brought to market by Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (aka "Mike From Maine") who are two of the most honest and ethical internet marketers out there today. I personally have purchased almost all of Brett's products for one main reason:  Brett's products work and they HELP you grow your online business.  There are dozens of new products and training being launched everyday, but many of them are just "shiny objects" to get your attention and they ultimately distract you, [...]

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REVIEW: CPA Coffee Shop Method

Today I am reviewing "The CPA Coffee Shop Method" by Fred Barton.  First, a quick review of what CPA is in case you are not familiar.  CPA stands for "Cost Per Action" which means you get paid when someone completes a specified action.  The action could be several things such as:  giving their email, completing a demographic form, completing a survey, downloading an app or game, making a purchase, etc.  CPA marketing can be very effective and lucrative, but it all comes down to being able to send enough traffic to an offer and get that traffic to [...]

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REVIEW: Social Traffic Alchemy (plus BONUS!)

Today I am reviewing "Social Traffic Alchemy" by Adam Payne, Greg Kononenko and Stephen Gilbert.  I did receive review access to this training program and I will let you know the good and bad.  I had a chance to go through the main front end product and will share my thoughts with you. This is a case study training course that shows exactly how the creators get extremely cheap video views, while also building huge custom audiences, and then being able to drive cheap clicks to any destination they want.  Facebook is the ad platform they are using [...]

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REVIEW: Free Traffic Sniper (plus BONUS!)

Today I am reviewing "Free Traffic Sniper" by Fergal Downes.   This is a timely product as it addresses one of the major problems most new online marketers have:  how to get traffic and do it in a cost effective way (or free in this case). The formula to make money online is very simple:  send traffic to an offer so you can make sales.   Although the formula is simple, that does not mean it is easy, and most newer online marketers really struggle with finding quality traffic sources to make sales.  Let's face it:  the highest [...]

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REVIEW: Ultimate Success Training Program

Today I am reviewing "Ultimate Success Training Program" by Tom Glover, Venkata Ramana and Declan Mc.  This is an "over-the-shoulder" video training program in which they claim to reveal their exact system for making money online. This system is purported to work without needing:  email list, product, affiliates, or a big budget. This system claims to be universal and can work for:  CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM, network marketing, or almost anything else. The training revolves around setting up "money machines" that take less than an hour to setup, but then continue to work on autopilot for you.  The idea [...]

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REVIEW: Mega Launch Blueprint PLR

Today I am reviewing "Mega Launch Blueprint" which is a high quality PLR product that teaches people how to launch their own online product.   As I have said multiple times previously, and will continue to say:  having your own digital products to sell online is really the best way to make money online.  It establishes you as an expert, while building a buyer's email list and keeping 100% of your sales profits. First, just a short update on what PLR is.  PLR stands for "Private Label Rights".  PLR usually means that you are able to put YOUR name on [...]

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REVIEW: Video Vibe PRO

Today's review covers a very comprehensive video software platform called Video Vibe PRO, being offered by John Gibb and Mo Miah.  (DISCLAIMER:  I bought Video Vibe PRO myself so I can test it for you and use it for my own business). After 6 months in development and student results, Video Vibe PRO is finally live!  There has been a LOT of hype surrounding Video Vibe PRO, so the question is:  Does it live up to its hype? Video marketing is all the rage right now and new video products are being released at lightning speed.  So why [...]

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$100 Per Day With Facebook Ads

[one_full last="yes" spacing="yes" center_content="no" hide_on_mobile="no" background_color="" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" background_position="left top" border_position="all" border_size="0px" border_color="" border_style="" padding="" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" animation_type="" animation_direction="" animation_speed="0.1" class="" id=""] Facebook is too distracting, unless… Its making you money… am I right? As you may know FaceBook Ads Machine (FAM) just launched privately.  There have been TONS of questions about FAM.  Questions that need answers! So, without too much more ado, let's get straight to it! How would you like these kinds of results: [imageframe lightbox="no" lightbox_image="" style_type="none" hover_type="none" bordercolor="" bordersize="0px" borderradius="0" stylecolor="" align="left" link="" linktarget="_self" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1" hide_on_mobile="no" class="" id=""] [/imageframe] Campaign 1- Ad Spend: $545.38 [...]

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