A squeeze page (or landing page) has one main purpose:  collect an email so you can stay in contact with people and market to them.   Most marketers will give away for free something of value (ebook, case study, WordPress plugin, video report, etc.) in exchange for the person’s email.

There are lots of ways to make squeeze pages, but no matter what you will need some basic tools.  You will need a domain name, web hosting and an email autoresponder.

You want to visualize sending people through a marketing funnel (imagine pouring liquid into a funnel and how the liquid has to go through the narrow end of the funnel so it goes where you want it to go).

The squeeze page is like the large opening of the funnel, so that is where people enter your marketing funnel and then you will direct them to a focused action (the narrow end of the funnel).

A basic marketing funnel looks like this:

Traffic —> Squeeze Page —> Email Autorepsonder follow-up series

In this video I will show you how to use a free HTML editor (Kompozer) to edit a squeeze page and insert your autoresponder webform code, plus upload the squeeze page HTML file to your webhosting account.

You can get the files I use in the video in the resource links below the video.


Squeeze page files (Click HERE)

IM How To Videos (Click HERE)

Aweber email autoresponder (Click HERE)

GetResponse email autoresponder (Click HERE)

Namecheap domain names (Click HERE)

Hostgator web page hosting (Click HERE)

There is another way…

If the above method seems too complicated, then you should consider an easy squeeze page builder called FunnelKit GO.  I use FunnelKit GO because it is extremely easy and versatile; plus you don’t have to upload the HTML file every time you make a change (because FunnelKit is a WordPress plugin and the changes are immediately updated when you save the file).

Plus, FunnelKit GO creates all the other web pages you will need for online marketing (i.e. sales pages, thank you pages, download pages, affiliate pages, and more).

If you want to keep things simple, then take a closer look at FunnelKit GO HERE (available after 11 AM EST on November 13, 2015).

Watch this FunnelKit GO demo:

FunnelKit GO will be available after 11 AM EST on November 13 (Click HERE)