It seems so perfect, until reality sets in.

Many people are attracted to the idea of making money on the internet.  You can work from home or anywhere you can get an internet connection for a laptop.  You can set your own hours, travel at your leisure, and finally be your own boss.  There is a lot of appeal to making money through the internet.

But when most people get started online, they run into the hurdles of the technical side of internet marketing, such as:

  • how to buy a domain name, then set the DNS servers and forward the URL
  • how to get a hosting account, then how to upload files
  • how to install WordPress and use it effectively
  • how to utilize affiliate networks (i.e. JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, etc.) to sell products and make affiliate sales
  • how to effectively use email autoresponders (i.e. Aweber, GetResponse, etc.) to grow your email list and make money
  • how to link all the above together so it works smoothly

The technical aspects can be daunting and overwhelming to someone new to internet marketing.

Many people gets confused and bogged down, then give up on their dream of having a successful online business.

Well, I used to struggle with all those technical aspects, too.  But I spent a lot of time teaching myself, or getting tips here and there.  It involved a lot of trial and error, only to sometimes realize that I wasted a lot of time doing something wrong.  Or to realize that I could have been doing something in a much more efficient, time saving, and higher revenue producing way.

I want to offer you a solution if you are having similar struggles with the technical aspects.

Take a look at the “IM How To Videos”.  They will streamline your learning curve and get you to the making money fun much sooner.

Stop floundering.  Start making money!

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