Today I am reviewing a Fiverr training course called “5RR Enigma” by Huw Huges, Art Flair and Chris Cole.  What exactly is Fiverr?  Well, Fiverr is a website that offers micor-freelance work where the jobs (called “gigs”) start at just $5, thus “Fiverr”.

Fiverr has only been around since 2010 yet it is in the top 100 websites in the United States and the top 200 websites in the world.  Fiverr has been growing at a tremendous pace for 2 reasons:  1) it offers people a chance to get things done that they can’t (or don’t want to do) at a very reasonable price, and 2) it offers people a chance to make money by selling their services.

As a seller, what makes Fiverr really attractive is the huge volume of people that visit the website every day looking to buy gigs.  So as a Fiverr seller you don’t have to work to get traffic to your gigs as there is already a flood of people on Fiverr daily.  However, there are some tricks to getting your gigs to stand out from all the other seller’s gigs and this is some of the valuable information shared in “5RR Enigma”.

“5RR Enigma” comes in both a PDF report that you can read, as well as a 10 module video course.  The information is straight to the point and actionable.  You won’t get bogged down in a lot of fluff.  In fact, you could go through the entire training in under an hour and have your gigs up and running on Fiverr shortly after that.

The key to making money on Fiverr is to offer gigs that can be done quickly, which they cover in the training.  It makes no sense to earn $5 for a gig that takes 1 or 2 hours to complete!  As your seller status grows on Fiverr, then you can add “gig extras” to earn extra money.  The gig extras can take a $5 order and turn it into a $20 order!

I don’t really see Fiverr as a primary income stream, although that probably could be possible.  However, Fiverr can be a great extra income stream and it is not difficult to make $300 to $500 per month on Fiverr.

I have been selling on Fiverr for about a year and I consistently make $30+ per month without doing any promotion on my part.  People just find my gigs and order.  My gigs only require me to literally “copy and paste” information in order to deliver the gig.  I am sure I ramp up my monthly earnings if I focused a little more on Fiverr, but other things seem to catch my attention!

I recommend you get started on Fiverr and use the money you make from Fiverr to help pay for the other aspects of your business.  My Fiverr earnings almost completely offset my monthly internet marketing costs (i.e. web hosting, email autoresponder, etc.).

Grab “5RR Enigma” and you can get started making money on Fiverr TODAY!

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