DISCLOSURE:  I purchased this training and use it myself, so I think it works great and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

This review will cover a CPA training program called “CPA Income Crusher”.  CPA (“cost per action”) can be a very effective way to make quick money.   A lot of people like CPA marketing because it does not require domain names, websites and many of the other technical components of affiliate marketing.

Most people make CPA money by driving traffic to a CPA offer and if the appropriate action is taken (i.e. form completed, sale, survey, etc.) then you get paid.

“CPA Income Crusher” is an ebook that includes links to videos that explain certain parts more in depth.  This method uses YouTube as its free traffic source.

Leveraging the power of YouTube is crucial to generating sales.  Google owns YouTube so that is why you will usually see at least a couple of YouTube videos come up near the top of a Google search.  Millions and millions of people go to YouTube every day.

Unlike paid traffic sources (i.e. Bing ads, 7Search, solo ads, Facebook ads, etc.), your video offer will stay on YouTube forever and always be available for the never ending YouTube traffic.

This course teaches several very insightful aspects, such as how to stealthily spy on your competition so you can ensure your video will be viewed.  How to do proper keyword research and how to use the nuances of YouTube to get your videos to rank.

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