Today I am reviewing a new and very unique training program called “Group Giants” by Kam Jennings.  Kam is a real down-to-earth guy that I have been following for awhile and it has been great to see him build his online presence and business.  Kam has a popular YouTube channel  that can be found at “zerofatzreturns”.  He also has a popular membership site called “Adventures On The River” ( which shows how to make money online, with a focus on using Amazon.

This review will cover his newest training which shows how he has successfully used Facebook groups to make sales online.  In full disclosure, I am part of Kam’s Facebook group and I can attest to the fact that he provides great free content and has a very active Facebook group.  He also gave me a review copy of “Group Giants” so that I could give an accurate and fair review.

Let’s face it:  Facebook can be tricky.  Sure it has billions of users, but how do you cut through all those people and build a loyal following?   This is exactly what “Group Giants” covers!

The beauty of “Group Giants” is that is goes over exactly how to use the FREE traffic of Facebook groups.  Many people struggle and waste money on Facebook ads; they even get their ad accounts shut down for no good reason!  So why waste time and money on Facebook ads when you have a super targeted traffic opportunity in Facebook groups?

Kam goes over the exact techniques he used to build up his Facebook group.  He also covers how he monetizes his group to make sales.  Don’t fool yourself:  this will take some work, but it is not difficult.   In addition, you are building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority, so don’t just look at Facebook groups for the traffic angle.

Kam’s training in is an ebook format, but he has several supplemental videos to help along the way.  Kam literally takes you by the hand and shows you how to set everything up, plus he explains the “why” behind what you are doing so it will make sense and you can see how it all comes together.

Kam doesn’t just put out “theory” and try to sell it to you.  He really walks the walk; he has actually done and had success with what he is teaching you.

“Group Giants” is very good training without all the fluff.  If you are wanting to utilize free traffic for your business, then Facebook Groups is some of the most highly targeted traffic out there today.   Let Kam show you how to monetize that traffic the right way!

Get “Group Giants” HERE!