Today I am reviewing “Mega Launch Blueprint” which is a high quality PLR product that teaches people how to launch their own online product.   As I have said multiple times previously, and will continue to say:  having your own digital products to sell online is really the best way to make money online.  It establishes you as an expert, while building a buyer’s email list and keeping 100% of your sales profits.

First, just a short update on what PLR is.  PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”.  PLR usually means that you are able to put YOUR name on the product and claim it as your own, even though you did not create it.  PLR usually allows you to edit the product, change graphics, etc., if you so desire.

Over time, PLR has come to develop somewhat of a bad reputation as lots of PLR sellers would pump out low quality PLR products to make a quick buck.  So you do want to be smart and look for high quality PLR products that you can be proud to put your name on and sell as your own.

So what should you look for in high quality PLR?

  • relevant product in high demand (at least an ebook, but videos are better, and software is great)
  • sales page and thank you (download) page
  • professional sales video for the sales page
  • covers and graphics in PSD files so you can edit if desired
  • squeeze page to build an email list with high quality give away (you can then offer your main PLR product to this email list since it should be a related item, but more info)
  • follow-up email series to send to the list you build from the squeeze page (these emails promote your main PLR product, see above)
  • PLR to the entire package being offered
  • Resell Rights (RR) or Master Resell Rights (MRR) included
    • RR allow your buyers to sell the PLR product and keep 100% of the profits
    • MRR allow your buyers to do the above, but to also pass on RR to their buyers (extra incentive as their buyers will be able to have their own product to sell)
  • setup instructions so you can get the sales page, thank you page, etc., setup quickly and easily to start making money.

An ideal PLR product will have AT LEAST everything in the above list, and sometimes will include more (such as cheat sheets, mind maps, etc.).

“Mega Launch Blueprint” with PLR is being offered by Edmund Loh of PLRxtreme and he consistently offers very high quality PLR that meets all the minimum requirement outlined above, and usually will provide even more.

I have purchased Edmund’s PLR products in the past, because they are high quality, easy to setup and you can be confident in offering as your own product.

Product creation is an evergreen topic and this most recent PLR offering from Edmund fills a need, so I do recommend this as a worthwhile purchase.

Click HERE to see exactly what you get with “Mega Launch Blueprint” PLR.