Today I am reviewing a Fiverr training product called “Mission: Fiverr Domination” by Fergal Downes, Art Flair and Giles Clark.  These guys are top sellers on Fiverr and know their stuff about how to make money on Fiverr, and not just $5 at a time.

For anyone not familiar with Fiverr, let me give a quick overview.  Fiverr is essentially a freelancing site where vendors sells “gigs” for services starting at $5, but you can add “gig extras” to make more money (sometimes up to $100 or more).  Fiverr has only been around for a few years but has very quickly grown.

The great thing about Fiverr is it is an easy way for people to make money online very quickly.  You don’t need to have a website or lots of other technical experience.  It is easy to get setup on Fiverr and start making sales.

There is lots of buyer traffic on Fiverr so you don’t necessarily need to promote your gigs, but you do need to know how to get you gig found by buyers.  It makes no sense to put up a gig and then get lost amongst all the other Fiverr sellers.  There are some tricks to getting your gigs seen and this training will help you accomplish that.

There are also tricks to set up your gigs to make your gig extras attractive so buyers will be inclined to purchase the gig extras.  After all, why just make $5 per gig, when you could make $20 per gig for the same amount of work.  Tapping into this strategy can easily get you clearing $20-30 per day on Fiverr, or even much more!

If you have been toying with using Fiverr to make money, or if you are struggling with Fiverr sales, then this training is definitely for you!

Click HERE on Wednesday, January 27, after 10 AM EST to get “Mission: Fiverr Domination”.