Profit Penguin is web-based software that allows you to arbitrage services for profit.  Wait, what is arbitrage?  Arbitrage is simply acting as a middleman to broker services.  For example, you find Client A who wants a logo made for his business, but you don’t know how to do graphic design work, but you do know Provider B who can create the logo for Client A.  If Client A is willing to pay you $250 for the logo and Provider B only charges you $50 to make the logo, then you just profited $200 without doing any of the real work.

Arbitrage is done ALL the time.  There is nothing illegal or scammy about it.  It is just bringing two people together and helping them get their needs met (i.e. Client A wants a logo done and Provider B wants to sell his graphic design services).  If Client A is able to fine Provider B on his own, then he would have done that already, and vice versa.  You are providing a valuable service by connecting the two and brokering a deal they never would have had.

Profit Penguin automates this search process for Clients, as well as the search process for Providers.

This arbitrage method is very simple and does not take a lot of your time.  You do need good communication skills.

The other beautiful thing about arbitrage is that it allows you to leverage your time.  If you were creating logos, then you might only be able to do 3 or 4 logos per day, but if you have logo makers working for you then it is unlimited as to how many could be made.

I have been using logo design as a simple example, but arbitrage applies to other services such as ebook cover design, general graphic design, web page development, article writing, SEO services, social media management and much more!

If you are ready to make money online, then you need to look at Profit Penguin as a way to start earning good money quickly.

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