DISCLOSURE:  I purchased this training and use it myself, so I think it works great and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

This review will cover a CPA training program called “Simple CPA Machines”.  CPA (“cost per action”) can be a very effective way to make quick money.   A lot of people like CPA marketing because it does not require domain names, websites and many of the other technical components of affiliate marketing.

Most people make CPA money by driving traffic to a CPA offer and if the appropriate action is taken (i.e. form completed, sale, survey, etc.) then you get paid.

The downside to this traditional way of making CPA money is that once the action is taken you will never be able to directly market to that person again.  So the person who just generated you a sale is now gone forever.  Why would you want to let them go?

“Simple CPA Machines” addresses that issue and teaches you how to setup the “machine” to capture their contact information so you can not only make that sale, but then be able to market to them over and over again.  They are likely to buy again as they have proven that they purchased once already.

A highly targeted traffic source is covered in the training, as well as how to get that traffic to convert to take action.  After all, traffic is no good if it does not convert to sales.

The creators of this training are very successful at CPA marketing and know what they are teaching.

If you have wanted to get into CPA marketing, or even if you are an experience CPA person, then this course will be great for you.

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