Today I am reviewing “Snap Video Profits” by Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko.   “Snap Video Profits” is a training course that teaches how to easily and quickly rank YouTube videos to take advantage of search engine traffic for product launches.  The training is primarily in a 30 page PDF ebook, but there are several supporting videos included to show how to do certain steps.

Watch my review video above or continue reading for the details.

Organic free traffic is what we all want, and LOTS of it!  This training covers how to utilize and leverage free organic search engine traffic from YouTube and Google (the top 2 search engines today!).

This training primarily is aimed at the internet marketing, software, and make money online niches.   Multiple products are launched daily in these niches and these niches also pay some of the highest commissions (usually 50% all the way up to 100%).  The training shows you what key factors to look for in selecting a product launch so that you don’t waste the traffic you get.

Next, they go over how to create the video and they give you the exact worksheet (or outline) they use to provide the content for their videos.  Making videos is really not that hard, although it can be intimidating at first.  However, making videos just gets easier every time and even becomes FUN after awhile!

Once the video is done they show you exactly how to optimize the video file prior to uploading to YouTube, and then optimizing the YouTube information.  This info alone is worth the purchase price!

If you have a blog, then they show you how to optimize a blog post that links to the YouTube video so you can get the blog post to rank on the first page of Google also.

Overall, this is an efficient and proven method that does not take a lot of time, money or skill.  If you are fairly new to making money online, then this is a great method to get you started.  If you want to side income without a lot work, then this is a great method.

“Snap Video Profits” will be available January 6, 2016, after 11 AM EST with the special pricing for only 3 days!

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