Today I am reviewing a new course that came out yesterday called “Tube Traffic Avalanche” by Art Flair and Stefan Ciancio.  As the name implies, this is a training course on how to get free traffic from YouTube videos.

If you are experienced in using YouTube to create a channel, upload videos, and get free traffic, then this training will probably be too basic for you.

However, if you are a novice with YouTube, then this training does a good job of covering the basics, plus some insider tricks to grow your channel, get subscribers, get views and get free traffic.

The great thing about putting a video on YouTube is that you are creating an evergreen asset; meaning that you do the work once and then it is out there working for you without you needing to do anything else.   These are the best types of assets to have!

Video is VERY popular right now and YouTube has some amazing statistics regarding viewer usage:

  • over 4 billion YouTube video views daily (over 1 billion are on mobile devices)
  • over 300 HOURS of video uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE
  • usage is fairly even across all the age demographics (not just a young person’s platform)
  • YouTube views total more than all the other video sites combined (i.e. Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.)

The training is comes in short and “to the point” video modules so you can see exactly what to do, but a PDF is included if you prefer to read.

If you have not started getting free traffic from YouTube, then you need to start!

This training will lay a solid foundation for you.

Click HERE to get “Tube Traffic Avalanche”…