coverPROS:  really good overview of list building with specific action steps

CONS:   none (this is a good comprehensive list building course)

Most likely you have heard that “the money is in your email list”.  Yet, many people struggle with how to build that email list.

“Unstoppable List Building Profits” by Greg Kononenko is a 11 module video course based on his personal list building experience.  His course covers all the bases of not only list building, but also how to monetize that list through selling clicks or products.

Greg let me have a review copy of his course and it is full of superb information.  Greg provides a great overview of the entire process, then breaks down the specifics of how to get your email list quickly built up to 5,000 subscribers.  This is an ideal course for new list builders, but even more experienced list builders will learn plenty, so don’t let your experience level hold you back.

What does the course cover:

  • how to start with ZERO subscribers and build an email list to 5,000 subscribers

  • how to set up a funnel with 115% ROI

  • where to get the traffic

  • how to grow a huge list quickly

  • how to then monetize that list

Each video has a lot of specific information, so there is tremendous value in the product.  Greg shows you exactly:

  • which Facebook groups to join

  • how to find clickbanking partners

  • how to setup your tracker

  • how to setup your high converting squeeze page

  • how to setup your thank you page and download page

  • how to setup your autoresponder

  • how to track, tweak and improve your funnel to maximize clicks and profits

  • how to leverage funnel clicks

  • how to broadcast to your list

  • how to monetize your list

Overall, this is a thorough and comprehensive list building course and I can recommend it without reservation.

Click HERE to get your copy now!






Click HERE to get your copy now!