Today’s review covers a very comprehensive video software platform called Video Vibe PRO, being offered by John Gibb and Mo Miah.  (DISCLAIMER:  I bought Video Vibe PRO myself so I can test it for you and use it for my own business).

After 6 months in development and student results, Video Vibe PRO is finally live!  There has been a LOT of hype surrounding Video Vibe PRO, so the question is:  Does it live up to its hype?

Video marketing is all the rage right now and new video products are being released at lightning speed.  So why should you pay attention to Video Vibe PRO?  This is software that really is like 3 software platforms in one, thus reducing the need to have separate programs when they all are included inside of Video Vibe PRO.

Once installed, you are not only literally minutes away from dominating virtually any niche at will, but your able to finally generate way more leads, sales and traffic than you could ever imagine.

Simply put, Video Vibe Pro will:

  • Find you the very best offers to promote in any niche in the world, from dog training to dentistry and everything in between. (And if you already have a product or any offer you want to promote, then it will work with your own links, too).
  • Create stunning, high converting videos for you at the push of a button.
  • Syndicate those videos with a unique mass social sharing strategy that results in instant buying traffic thanks to the power of social media.


And it will do all of this for you AUTOMATICALLY, with no effort or skill required.

You know what the best part about all this is?

You don’t need a website, a product, any experience, or tech skills to make this work.

And it doesn’t involve spending a dime on PPC, or working on SEO.

There’s nothing complicated or anything to learn, you just follow the simple steps outlined in the software and your pretty much good to go.

In fact, I bought Video Vibe PRO and it was very easy to install and intuitive to use (although they do provide training videos in the members area).  I liked that you can install it on multiple computers.  It worked for me without any glitches, crashes or problems.

Here is a video that I created with Video Vibe PRO in under 3 minutes, then uploaded to YouTube and syndicated to their private blog network:

There is a lot of money to be made in niche markets.  Think of the potential of using a software like Video Vibe PRO.  You can produce short high quality videos QUICKLY with your affiliate links in the YouTube description, so your work is done once but the videos are out there forever making you money.  Say you have a goal to make an extra $500 each month to pay off debt or take that dream vacation.  Even if each video only made you $10 per month you would just need to put up 50 videos to hit $500 per month (although many videos will make you more than $10 per month!).

If each video took 5 minutes to create and upload, then it would take 250 minutes (4 hours and 10 minutes) to put up 50 videos.  Not bad return on your time for videos that will create recurring income every month.  Plus, you can scale it up if you want to make more money!

So what is the down side of Video Vibe PRO?  Although it is very comprehensive, it does not do screen capture videos or web camera videos (although they may add this in the future).  It is a desktop based software, not web based, so you have to be working on the computer you have it downloaded on, although you can download it on multiple computers.  Lastly, you are not able to see the backlinks created for your videos by Video Vibe PRO, so you have to trust that they are there (the creators have said they don’t want to show the backlink URL’s to maintain the purity of the sites and avoid the sites getting spammed – which makes sense).

What do you think?

Click HERE to see more details about how Video Vibe PRO works!