Scarcity is a proven marketing strategy to get people “off the fence” and to make a decision.

Especially in internet marketing:  Scarcity countdown timers have been proven to work!

People will take action if they see there is a limit.

Scarcity gets used in traditional advertising all the time!


  • Labor Day weekend sale ONLY!
  • Sale ends midnight on Sunday!
  • Doors will close forever Friday at 9 PM!
Scarcity countdown timers are used frequently
on sales pages for internet marketing…I am sure
you have seen them.
But the timer on the sales page won’t help if you can’t
get people to the sales page.
So what if you put a timer INSIDE the email instead?
That is what WP Email Timer does!
I included a screen shot above of one variation of how the time looks
inside an email.
This will be a game changer.  Get ready when it becomes
available on August 11, 2015, at 9:00 AM!







BONUS:  If you buy WP Email Timer through my link, then you can get the ClickBar Countdown Timer as a free bonus.  ClickBar puts a clickable countdown timer on a website page or post, and can have a call to action button to direct people to the website of your choice (typically will be an affiliate link to a sales page).  Just email me your sales receipt and I will send you the ClickBar plugin.