Today I am reviewing a new training product called “WSO Launch Tycoon” by Marlon Karda.  The overall concept is learning how to launch WSO products to make money and build a buyer’s email list.

First, what is a WSO?  WSO stands for “Warrior Special Offer” and is meant to be a product offering at special pricing which just for members of the Warrior Forum (  The Warrior Forum is by far the largest online forum for all things related to internet marketing.  The Warrior Forum covers not only general internet marketing topics, but also very specialized areas such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, CPA, and much more.  Most internet marketers can trace their start back to the Warriors Forum.

There is a section of the Warrior Forum called “Warrior Special Offers”, or WSO for short.  This is an online marketplace for all types of internet marketing products, software, and services.  There are on average 2,000 to 5,000 people viewing the WSO section at any given time, so it is a great source of free targeted traffic.

“WSO Launch Tycoon” is a step-by-step training program which covers all the critical steps to have your own successful WSO product available for sale in 21 days or less.  The training is covered in 24 video modules and there are 7 additional bonuses with your purchase of this program.

Why should you consider this product?  Having your own products to sell is one of the best and most stable ways to make money online.  If you have products to sell, then you can have affiliates makes sales for you.  You can build an email buyers list to promote offers to.  You can offer your products as bonuses to other products, or you can offer them as part of a membership site.

The bottom line is that the product sellers have many more avenues to make money as they control the product, so this is an important aspect to internet marketing.

What are the challenges with a course like this?  The main issue will be the time and effort it will take to get your product together and brought to market for sale.  However, the training modules will walk you through this and guide you so you won’t have to stumble.  This will dramatically reduce your learning curve and potential mistakes.

Another challenge will be some of the technical aspects.  You will likely need some graphics, plus sales copy, but the modules claim to cover those topics for you.

If you are ready to start creating and selling products, then this deserves a closer look from you.

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